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Starting down the right path during the first five years of life is important for your child’s future success. Raising Quality! helps San Joaquin County parents, just like you, find quality child care and early learning opportunities that will help unlock a lifetime of learning and development for your children.

Quality Matters

As parents, we all have a responsibility during the first five years of our child’s life to make sure they have the best care and learning tools to help shape their future. Research shows that children who attend quality child care programs are better prepared for school, have more success in reading and math, and are more likely to go to college.

Selecting a quality child care program

Finding the right child care is extremely important and a very personal decision for every parent. But it can also be confusing and stressful. Here are a few questions to ask and things to look for when choosing the right child care for your child.

  • Are they licensed by the state?
  • How many children is each staff member responsible for?
  • Is this a clean and safe place?
  • Are there interesting activities and plenty of playtime for your child?

Raising Quality!

One simple way to find quality-rated child care providers in your neighborhood is through our program, Raising Quality!

Raising Quality! is an improvement system for early child care and education programs throughout San Joaquin County. This program is coordinated by First 5 San Joaquin which helps improve child care in our community by:

  • Understanding and promoting the value of quality care in early child development and education
  • Empowering parents to be well-informed and make child care decisions based on the quality of care their children receive
  • Giving child care providers the tools to improve their programs
  • Establishing standards of excellence in early childhood care

To help families find Raising Quality! partners, look for the Raising Quality! seal. If you don’t see it, be sure to ask your child care provider if they are a participating partner. To find a participating Raising Quality! partner in San Joaquin County, click here

Find more helpful information and tips on what to look for in a childcare provider at First 5 California.

How ARE participating Raising Quality! programs rated

Participating programs ratings are based on factors that influence a child’s healthy development such as:

  • Learning opportunities and environment
  • A child’s interaction with the care givers
  • Staff training and education
  • Number of adults per child and group sizes
  • Parent engagement

Raising Quality! is open to licensed child care programs, public or private that serve ages 0 to 5. Priority is given to programs that serve low-income families, children who are non-English speakers and children that have special needs.

Learn More

First 5 San Joaquin
Phone: (209)953-5437
E-mail: sjckids@sjgov.org

The Raising Quality! Seal

Raising Quality Seal

All Raising Quality! participants are able to display the Raising Quality! seal, which demonstrates their commitment to providing quality services.  Ask your child care provider if he or she is participating in Raising Quality!, or look for the Raising Quality! seal.

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